About WillowCom

WillowCom was established in 2019 and is a privately owned, independent company.

With years of experience in the industry, we work closely with our clients to provide effective solutions that satisfy all requirements. Partnering with our clients is important to us. From the inception of an order, giving valuable input into the design, planning, development, right down to project management, we take great care in every detail. This allows overall co-ordination of the project, ensuring that all aspects comply with relevant specifications.

WillowCom will always strive to provide solutions that enhance our client’s competitive position. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to clients must never be broken, long-term partnerships are more important than short-term profits. We work hard to ensure successful clients rather than those that are simply satisfied. In working to exceed expectations, we become a true partner. With our Founder & CEO having 10+ years of experience in the ICT sector. We seek to understand YOUR business objectives and deal accordingly to add real value. Connecting you to your ideal future.

WillowCom. Powering Tomorrow, Today