Cloud Hosting

WillowCom believes Cloud is disrupting traditional IT faster than we think. Today with 80% businesses deploying or fully embracing the cloud, we have “crossed the chasm” and are in the “early majority” stage of the adoption curve. All of this means more opportunities for cloud solution providers.

WillowCom have reached the cloud era. Everyone is migrating their business to the cloud. Whether it be Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. The biggest advantage about cloud is your data is 24/7 accessible which encourages remote work and collaboration.

When it comes to cloud, everyone’s main concern is slow speed. There is some good news, Microsoft invested in 2 Datacenters in South Africa namely Johannesburg and Cape Town. Amazon AWS has a datacenter in Cape Town.

Microsoft Cloud combines about every Microsoft product like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Exchange. We partner only with the best Hosting Providers in our industry, in other words, you pay less for your hosting experience.

Web Hosting

As a start-up tech company in South Africa, WillowCom promises to always offer affordable and competitive hosting prices and packages. Of course, you rely on your website and your email platforms to be functional daily. WillowCom have chosen a stable and always-on hosting partner with international mirror datacenters, meaning that NO MATTER WHAT, your website and emails are safe and a guarantee up time of 99.99%.

What is hosting transfer and how does it work? Well, it is quite simple, WillowCom will request and facilitate the transfer of your domain from your old host to our server with your permission.

Dedicated Hosting

Need full control over your virtual server: It may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes you do need a box with stuff inside it - preferably very powerful and awesome stuff. WillowCom has grown its reputation on rock-solid dedicated hosting, and our experienced team can build and deploy a server with the very best cutting-edge components like no-one else. Our network engineers monitor and maintain your server’s hardware ensuring the component failure is kept to an absolute minimum and is prevented or pre-empted wherever possible.