Networking Solutions

Network Infrastrcuture

Network infrastructure refers to all the resources of a network that makes network or internet connectivity, management, business operations and communication possible. Network infrastructure comprises hardware and software, systems and devices, and it enables computing and communication between users, services, applications and processes. Anything involved in the network from servers to wireless routers comes together to make up a system’s network infrastructure. Network infrastructure allows for effective communication and service between users, applications, services, devices and so forth.

At WillowCom we install and do basic configurations of all hardware ready for use, alternatively ready for your IT Department to manage and do final configurations for your business.

Cable Management

Are your server room or cabinet cabling a mess? We will sort that out for you with little to no downtime except for final power switching.

Wireless Networks

Whether you have a public hotspot or private wireless network, WillowCom can get you connected and setup with a management portal that is easy to use or even go the plug and play way meaning when a new wireless device is powered on to the network it automatically adapted and configures the wireless unit for you. Need a Hotspot solution, WillowCom has you covered, we configure the wireless network to ask for authorization before authenticating a device on the network with limited access or capped.

Intranet Setup

Sometimes you want to have a website online accessible inside of your company and not to the public or you want files to be shared with your company that is not accessible via the outside world.

Servers & Storage Solutions

WillowCom is an authorized Dell partner – Whether it is from a small office server with an external backup storage or a corporate solution, WillowCom has you covered.